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Direct Access is a system that allows patients to directly seek PT services in a timely manner and also save other healthcare dollars by eliminating unnecessary tests or specialty referrals. Many conditions and diagnoses can be treated without expensive testing.

Direct Access to physical therapy services means you do not need a physicians referral for PT. We have a PT on staff that can see Direct Access patients, and we can still bill your insurance. Keep in mind: some insurance companies do require a special referral from your primary physician for any PT. Medicare patients can access PT with Direct Access and we can see you for up to 30 days before needing to see your physician. Call for an appointment and we can help you either get a referral, or see our Direct Access Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapists are regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and are highly trained health professionals. Our PTs are highly qualified and continue their formal education and clinical training to be able to evaluate and assess a patient's condition using the most up-to-date methods. Our PTs are experienced and qualified to recognize conditions or diagnoses that need to be further assessed by other health care professionals; i.e., your medical doctor.